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Apr 25, 2024
Staying ahead often means embracing innovative tools and technologies. One such tool gaining traction is ChatGPT, an advanced language model that can assist credit managers in various aspects of their work.

Apr 1, 2024
Week in Review
Expanding your business internationally can enhance reach, access new markets and boost profits. However, it also presents challenges like language barriers and unfamiliar legal systems. Despite these risks, the benefits make international business expansion appealing for growth-seeking organizations.

Mar 18, 2024
Week in Review
An international credit professional’s main duty is to foster customer relationships by understanding their customs, culture, and business style.

Mar 7, 2024
The short answer is yes, the credit community can still find value in financial statements. But we may need to reconsider the way in which we think about financials.

Feb 29, 2024
At first glance, credit management may appear to solely require hard skills such as financial data analysis, risk assessment and cash flow forecasting. But as a profession based largely upon trust, credit managers must not forget to develop their soft skills.

Feb 8, 2024
Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) has become standard practice for credit managers seeking access to sensitive customer financial information. By committing to confidentiality, credit managers reassure customers that their data will be handled with the utmost care and discretion. This proactive step not only fosters trust but also makes customers feel more comfortable and confident in sharing vital financial details knowing their information will be protected.

Feb 8, 2024
Competition creates significant consumer benefits, including increased innovation, efficiency, variety, quality and lower prices. Antitrust laws, which prevent companies from unfairly dominating markets or stifling competition, ensure that customers have options. Why it matters: Understanding and complying with antitrust laws is essential in the credit industry to preserve competition, prevent violations that could lead to severe penalties including fines and imprisonment, and maintain a company’s reputation and future business opportunities.