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Jul 19, 2024
🎙️ On today’s episode of Extra Credit, we delve into the evolving landscape of the invoice-to-cash process and explore how automation and artificial intelligence are reshaping credit management.

Jul 17, 2024
Credit professionals are at an advantage to excel in their profession when they earn their designations through NACM’s six-level Professional Certification Program. “I was fully prepared, fueled by momentum and in the right mindset for both the exam and studying to dive straight into the Certified Business Fellow (CBF),” said Stephanie Poertner, CBF, credit manager at Ferguson Enterprises LLC (Edmond, OK).

Jul 16, 2024
Earning a designation shows dedication and passion towards any goals you want to achieve—and time, effort and consistency are the main determining factors of success. NACM’s Professional Certification Program provides six levels of certification for credit professionals to explore their passion, whether you want to brush up on prior skills or acquire brand new ones. 

Jul 12, 2024
🎙️ On today’s episode of NACM’s Extra Credit podcast … As a new credit manager, understanding antitrust laws is key for safeguarding your company’s interests and ensuring compliance. These laws are designed to promote fair competition and prevent practices that can harm other businesses.

Jul 11, 2024
Advancing in your career involves a continual pursuit of greater achievements. NACM’s six-level Professional Certification Program for credit professionals is tailor made to educate and sharpen their skills, enabling them to stand out both in their company and their field.

Jul 9, 2024
Excelling in the credit management field means being adaptable to change at any time—but one factor that remains constant is the basic building blocks of credit. Through NACM’s Professional Certification Program, credit professionals have up to six levels of certification tailored to their needs of knowledge through education.

Jun 21, 2024
🎙️On today’s episode of NACM’s Extra Credit podcast… Financial resilience has become a top priority for businesses. 📈Credit managers play a pivotal role in this endeavor, leveraging their expertise to ensure stability and sustainability.

Jun 13, 2024
Outstanding leaders provide guidance, motivation and direction, acting as the bedrock of organizational advancement and expansion. NACM strives to find emerging credit leaders capable of reshaping and advancing their organizations and the credit industry as a whole. Brian Wallace, director of corporate credit at N.B. Handy Company (Lynchburg, VA), is a prime example of an emerging leader as this year’s co-recipient of NACM’s Emerging Leader Award, which recognizes budding leaders who share their vision, inspiring others with their force of purpose and astounding insights. “I’m deeply hon…

May 31, 2024
🎙️ On today’s episode of NACM’s Extra Credit podcast … Job satisfaction is the key driver of positive results. If an employee likes their job and all it has to offer them, they will stay loyal to the company.