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Goldman Sach’s Top of Mind: archived articles.

28 June 2024

➦ Gen AI: too much spend, too little benefit?
The promise of generative AI technology to transform companies, industries, and societies is leading tech giants and beyond to spend an estimated ~$1tn on capex in coming years, including significant investments in data centers, chips, other AI infrastructure, and the power grid. But this spending has little to show for it so far. Whether this large spend will ever pay off in terms of AI benefits and returns, and the implications for economies, companies, and markets if it does—or if it doesn’t—is Top of Mind.

24 May 2024

➦ Central bank divergence: room to run?
Resilient US growth and a series of upside US inflation surprises to start the year have led markets to now expect the Fed to cut interest rates later and more gradually than most G10 central banks. How far central bank divergence could run, and the implications for economies and markets, is Top of Mind.

04 May 2024

➦ Weighing the GLP-1 market
The newest generation of GLP-1 drugs are being hailed by some as “miracle drugs” for the treatment of obesity. But GLP-1s are expensive, insurance coverage is limited, and not everyone with obesity can or wants to take them. Just how large the addressable market for GLP-1s actually is, and what that means for the drug companies developing them, other exposed industries, and the wider economy, is Top of Mind.