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19 July 24

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➦ Business insolvencies up again, markets pricing in a Trump win but forgot inflation, and shipping costs soaring ahead of trade frictions
This week we look at three critical issues

➦ GenAI in the insurance industry: Divine coincidence for human capital
Who’s afraid of GenAI? While experts predict substantial positive economic effects from the rise of generative artificial intelligence, public sentiment is not so optimistic.

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➦ France: Hung parliament raises uncertainty
Following the snap legislative elections called by President Emmanuel Macron on June 9th and held on July 7th, no party was able to secure an absolute majority in the National Assembly (289 seats), ushering a period of uncertainty and instability for France’s governance.

➦ La Niña takes over El Niño: a favorably cooler weather, but many unknowns
The second half of 2024 is expected to be marked by the appearance of La Niña. This phenomenon, whose extent and consequences remain uncertain, is likely to cause weather changes in multiple parts of the globe.

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➦ Georgia: Sound macroeconomic policies, but a nation deeply affected by its geopolitical situation
Upcoming parliamentary elections in a tense domestic political environment.

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➦ Fed’s Challenge: Making Sure Fire Is Out vs. Water Damage
Some Encouraging Signs in Japanese Wage Growth and U.K. Economic Recovery

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➦ Labelled Bonds for the Net-Zero Transition in South-East Asia: The Way Forward
Accelerating the issuance of labelled bonds in emerging markets and developing economies involves charting solutions using insights from stakeholders in the ASEAN region.