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05 July 2024

➦ Economic Outlook – July 2024
The global economy seems on track for a soft landing, as inflation is coming down while a recession can be avoided.

➦ Machines and Engineering Industry Trends June 2024
Contractions continue in Europe and the US, but a 2025 rebound is on the cards

14 June 2024

➦ Electronics/ICT Industry Trends June 2024
Electronics/ICT will be one of the fastest growing sectors globally in 2024-2025

07 June 2024

➦ Clean Energy Transition: Machines & Manufacturing
Has the machines sector flown under the sustainability radar?

31 May 2024

➦ European gas market dealing with lower Russian supplies
The supply of Russian pipeline gas to Europe fell by more than 80% between the pre-crisis period (2019-2021) and 2023. The lost gas from Russia was partly replaced by LNG, with the United States as the main supplier.

24 May 2024

➦ B2B payment practices trends Western Europe – Strategic credit management crucial as bad debts and DSO worsen
The significance of trading on credit in B2B sales for companies in Western Europe is clearly shown in our survey. Overall, nearly half of all B2B sales are currently being transacted on credit, a consistent trend from the previous year.

17 May 2024

➦ Automotive Industry Trends May 2024
After a 11.1% surge in 2023 we expect motor vehicles and parts output growth to slow down to 0.8% in 2024 and to 1.4% in 2025, due to subdued demand.

10 May 2024

➦ Coping with unsustainable debt
A series of adverse developments have increased the debt problems of vulnerable countries. The Covid-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine led to disrupted global supply chains, higher inflation and rising interest rates.