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Member Spotlight: Sharpening Skills for Success


NACM's Professional Certification Program is geared toward all credit professionals—no matter where they are in their career. Whether just learning the ropes or a seasoned credit manager, refreshing your mind is always an option.

As a credit professional who has earned many designations over his career, Ray Yarborough, CBACCRA, CICP, senior accounts receivable manager at Connexity, Inc. (Santa Monica, CA), has recently earned the Certified Credit and Risk Analyst (CCRA) designation of excellence. "I'm honored to have been chosen for this designation of excellence," Yarborough said. "Throughout my designation journey, I was able to learn so much with incredible guidance on the various subjects and courses."

One of Yarborough's favorite parts of his CCRA journey was the Financial Statements Analysis II (FS2) course he took at Credit Congress a couple of years ago. "I had an amazing instructor who was focused on each student's ability to comprehend the material," Yarborough said. "I appreciated that his main concern was if his students fully understood how to analyze financial statements. Of all the classes, webinars, and other training I have obtained while being a member of NACM, this FS2 class was by far the most informative and valuable that I have taken to date."

Over time, credit professionals may feel they have mastered their role—but as the industry is ever-changing, there are always new concepts to learn, or ways to do processes more efficiently. For Yarborough, rethinking the concepts he thought he always knew was a challenge. "I'd been a credit manager for many years before starting my coursework to obtain my CCRA, so I had preconceived ideas that were challenged during this coursework," he said. "It was difficult for me to abandon what I thought I knew, so I would often challenge the new perspective being provided until I was convinced that my preconceived ideas warranted adjustment."

Being open to learning helps credit professionals grow immensely in their careers. And taking a leap of faith into the unknown can land you in different places you would not have imagined before doing so. "The knowledge I've obtained while accumulating different NACM designations has not only helped me secure better positions with larger employers, but it's also helped me advance in my career with confidence," Yarborough explained. "Even if you are happy with where you work today, and the position you hold today, I'd still recommend obtaining an NACM designation. You never know what tomorrow may bring and earning one will only increase your knowledge in the field of credit management. My journey doesn't stop here, as I will be sitting for my Certified Credit Executive (CCE) designation at this year's Credit Congress in Las Vegas!"

💡Study Tip: When newly learned information is fresh in your mind, identify ways to use that information in your day-to-day work. "Practice is key to remembering and better understanding the knowledge you've obtained."

For more information about each designation within NACM's Professional Certification Program, visit our website. 

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