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Member Spotlight: O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction Award


More than 50 years ago, NACM leader and visionary O.D. Glaus founded NACM's six-level Professional Certification Program, in which credit professionals can gain the knowledge and expertise in the field of B2B credit. A program that not only equips trade creditors for the demands of their role but launches them towards unparalleled success.

After O.D. Glaus's passing in February 2010, NACM decided to memorialize and honor Glaus's legacy. In May 2010, the National Honors & Awards Committee, with an endorsement from the National Board of Directors, renamed the National Credit Executive Award the O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction Award, which acknowledges exemplary professionals within the field of credit that emulate O.D.'s vision, energy, commitment and love for the credit profession.

Anne Scarcella, CCE, CCRA, regional credit manager at Crawford Electric Supply Company, Inc. (Houston, TX), is this year's recipient of the O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction Award. "To be recognized and considered with this remarkable group of credit professionals is at a minimum a privilege and truly humbling," she said. "Receiving this recognition by an organization that I am deeply committed to supporting is an honor."

Scarcella's decision to actively engage as a member of NACM stemmed from her desire to articulate the tangible benefits of membership and to share firsthand the transformative impact it has had on her professional journey.

"I can't tell you enough how NACM and the certification program has benefited me through all stages of my career," Scarcella said. "But I just know it is monumentally important as it has and continues to guide me in my day-to-day decisions."

Past award recipients Scarcella would like to thank for having an impact on her career include Kenny Wine, CCE; Sheryl Rasmusson, CCE; Kurt Sorensen, CCE, CEW, CICP; Jay Snyder, CCE, ICCE; Val Venable, CCE, ICCE; and George Schnupp, CCE. "I have been very fortunate to be included in a group of incredibly smart people who I have continued to learn from and have great respect for," Scarcella said.

NACM has equipped Scarcella with the essential tools to excel in her area of expertise, amplifying her already proficient skills. However, it is the diverse network of individuals she has encountered and learned from that has significantly contributed to her mastery in credit management. Each encounter has imparted unique insights, collectively enhancing her proficiency in the field. 

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