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Member Spotlight: Going the Extra Mile


The value of credentials in professions has risen in recent years. Though college degrees used to be the standard of experience needed to get a job—certifications are starting to boom. Being recognized as a certified credit professional shows commitment and dedication to your credit management career.

NACM's Professional Certification Program gives credit professionals the chance to expand their knowledge in several ways. In some instances, the certification program leads credit professionals to come back and earn even more. Tawnya Marsh, CCE, corporate credit manager at Pendleton Woolen Mills (Portland, OR) was able to experience her Certified Credit Executive (CCE) journey while attending NACM's Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management (GSCFM). "The experience was amazing and gave me the benefit of focused learning," Marsh said. "With two small children at the time, this was the best option for me have focused studies and sit for my exam. The program that NACM puts on is exceptional and the people in my class made it unforgettable. Not only did I earn my CCE certification, but I also gained friendships with some amazing people!"

Marsh said she feels honored and humbled for being nominated for the CCE designation of excellence. "It's not about participating only for awards or letters at the end of your name," she said. "I know what NACM has done for my career and I try to give back as much as I can so that someone else has the same experience. There are many resources out there and a plethora of knowledgeable people in the industry. Finding a mentor really helps you through the journey because of the guidance and support along the way."

💡Study Tip: Find a study group. "Every person has a different strength and having a study group brings all of those to the surface providing different views on every subject."

Member Spotlight: Learning Never Stops
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Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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