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Member Spotlight: Designations, Drive and Determination

NACM's Professional Certification Program provides an opportunity for credit professionals to show they are serious about their career. NACM members armed with our prestigious designations enjoy an average income boost of $10,000 annually, outshining their counterparts without designations.

"Completing my CBA was a profound moment in both my professional and personal journey," said Jennifer Garcia, CBA, market credit manager at Ferguson Enterprises LLC (Dundee, FL). "All my experience and knowledge has come from on-the-job learning, trial and error lessons, mentors, in-house development trainings and more. I felt obtaining my CBA would help fill in some of the areas I may be lacking in that pertain to my career, and it did!"

As a seasoned credit manager just shy of 15 years, Garcia is still dedicated to learning more. Because she does not have a formal college degree like some of her other colleagues, Garcia wanted to be sure she remained competitive rather than staying complacent with her role and skills. When she first started the CBA program, Garcia unexpectedly had to pause her journey longer than anticipated—but she remained determined and picked up exactly where she left off.

"I decided my time was now," Garcia said. "It was challenging to be self-disciplined and hold myself accountable to blocking out focus time. As a wife, mom of three kids and fulltime employee, life can get in the way because I tend to always put others' needs first."

Despite some of her own personal setbacks, earning one designation has fed into Garcia's determination to explore further and learn more. "I am extremely proud to have earned my CBA and am looking forward to registering for my CBF in 2024 and eventually earning my CCE," she said. "This designation not only enhanced my career but also my self-confidence. I took the leap of faith, invested in myself, and increased my knowledge to become the best version of myself possible."

For more information about each designation within NACM's Professional Certification Program, visit our website. 

Member Spotlight: Dedication Through Designations
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Tuesday, 23 April 2024

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