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Mapping the Path to Certification Success


NACM's Professional Certification Program provides six quality levels of education for credit professionals either seeking new skills or sharpening the skills they already have. And for Angela Dixon, CBF, CCRA, lead credit underwriter at Cary Oil Co., Inc. (Cary, NC), earning one certification was just the beginning of her designation journey.

Though Dixon did not have much advanced experience in the subject of financial statements, enrolling in the Financial Statement Analysis II course of the Certified Credit and Risk Analyst (CCRA)was a test of courage for her. "For this last course, it was important to work hard to stay on track of my study schedule, remain committed to learning and not fear asking for clarifications from the instructor," Dixon said. "I needed to be diligent in my concentrationbut also keep up the pace to not get behind in the lessons. It was a delicate balance."

Having earned the Certified Business Fellow (CBF), Dixon already had a grasp on how to accomplish her goal. For instance, she knew the importance of being swift and thorough in memorizing an acquired skill. "I feel a sense of accomplishment having secured the CCRA designation," Dixon said. "After obtaining the CBF, it was my intention to study for the Certified Credit Executive (CCE)almost immediately, but I realized the CCRA could play a pivotal part as one of the steppingstones to prepare for the CCE. My goal is to prepare as much as possible for the CCE designation through both education and real-world experiences through my career and working environment."

Setting personal goals is vital when starting any journey. After deciding what you want to do, you must create a plan of action to do it. "Take time to assess why you want to attain a designation," Dixon said. "Seek a mentor or see yourself in someone who has been successful. Earning the CCRA is opening a door to me as Credit Congress approaches. I hope to network with those who have their CBF, CCRA and CCE and intend to have a rewarding professional and educational experience at Credit Congress, Las Vegas, 2024!"

💡Study Tips: Study with a pattern of consistency. Set a scheduled time each day to keep your mind engaged on the topics and take scheduled break times during hours of study.

For more information about each designation within NACM's Professional Certification Program, visit our website. 

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