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Member Spotlight: Tools for Success


Earning the Credit Business Associate (CBA) was a way for Tina Rodgers, CBA, credit manager at Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. (Maumee, OH) to deepen her understanding of credit principles. "I wanted to earn this designation to enhance my credibility in the field of credit management," Rodgers said. "Holding a CBA demonstrates to our customers, my employers and peers that I have achieved a certain level of knowledge and proficiency."

Rodgers' journey to earning her designation began with thorough research into the requirements and expectations of the CBA, including the qualifications, exam and experience necessary. "The main challenge I faced was how to study for the exam because of my unique situation," she said. "Two out of the three classes required, I had taken in college many moons ago, therefore, I was not required to re-take through NACM. This left me outside of my comfort zone of not knowing exactly what to study. But ultimately, the greatest success was the sense of personal fulfillment and accomplishment when I passed!"

Achieving major milestones garners a sense of accomplishment. For Rodgers, her experience led to her better skills in managing credit risk. "Personally, earning the CBA has reinforced the importance of staying curious and remaining open to acquiring new knowledge and skills," she said. "It's a mindset I will continue to embrace through the rest of my career. It has boosted my confidence in my abilities and reassurance that I am well equipped to handle the challenges of my job."

💡Study Tips: We all have very busy lives outside of our professions, so organization skills are key. "I had to make sure to create an organized schedule with time set aside to study," Rodgers said. "I used various study materials such as the live zoom meeting for exam review. On the NACM website, I utilized the practice exam and downloaded the recorded CBA exam review. The key for me was consistency and practice."

For more information about each designation within NACM's Professional Certification Program, visit our website. 

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