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Member Spotlight: Reaching New Heights


NACM's Professional Certification Program gives credit professionals an opportunity to gain expertise and prosper in the credit field. Each certification provides the tools for credit professionals need to refresh their skills and learn new ways to complete day-to-day responsibilities. With six levels of certification, credit professionals can earn credentials along with several benefits such as new career opportunities, leadership recognition and mastery in the profession. In fact, certified credit managers can earn up to 6% more than those with no professional certifications.

Steven Prensner, CBA, senior credit analyst at MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc. (Jasper, IN) said his career started off in the retail industry—but once he decided to switch career paths, he was all hands-on-deck when it came to learning about the credit profession. "I was looking for a designation to clearly prove the caliber of my abilities and knowledge in financial accounting, financial statement analysis, business credit principles, credit management and related topics," Prensner said. "After researching various certification options, the Credit Business Associate (CBA) designation was the perfect fit for me and my new career path."

When Prensner started his CBA journey, his strategy was to immediately set a goal to sit for the next available exam. "This decision gave me a very short window to intensely focus on studying the vast amount of information covered by the exam," he said. "One of the most beneficial aspects of the CBA certification process is they offer in-depth preparation at your own speed and on your own time with study sessions, seminars, self-study courses—but I wanted to do an intense self-study challenge for myself."

Earning a new designation comes with a sense of accomplishment and self-pride. But it's even better when you get the support from your upper management and colleagues alike. "My employer went to great lengths to recognize and celebrate my accomplishment as well," Prensner said. "The CBA is not where my journey stops. I have already begun working towards my next certification!"

💡Study Tip: Maximize the use of practice exams provided. "Even if you get an answer correct on the multiple-choice practice exam, challenge yourself to learn thoroughly about each of the possible answer choices."

For more information about each designation within NACM's Professional Certification Program, visit our website. 

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