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My First ICRM Review Session

I'm officially finished with the fifth module of International Credit & Risk Management (ICRM) course! In this module, I learned about establishing credit lines and payment terms. I used information I learned from the previous modules to formulate my answers for the discussion posts. I received support from ICRM Instructor, Val Venable, CCE, CICP, ICCE for one of my discussion posts that involved formulas for calculating liquidity ratios (tricky but I felt accomplished once it was finished).

Yesterday was the first review session for the course! Venable gave students multiple options for which day to have the review session in order to accommodate conflicting schedules and time zone differences. In the hour and a half session, Venable went over the details on what to expect in the final exam and covered the main points for modules one through five.

In the review, she also made an effort to discuss notable discussion posts and used real-life examples in order to further our understanding on certain topics or concepts. This helped given that anecdotes and stories help me remember course material. She also gives students the option to attend as many review sessions as they would like and gives them access to the review session slides in the course dashboard.

With the review session and the first five modules completed successfully, I'm less nervous for the final exam and looking forward to the next review session.

Until next time,

Jamilex Gotay
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Wednesday, 21 February 2024

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