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Member Spotlight: The Art of Staying Sharp


In the realm of credit management, staying sharp goes beyond mere preference—it's an indispensable asset. It makes for increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Through NACM's six-level Professional Certification Program, credit professionals are not only keeping their mind agile, but they're also growing the credit knowledge to navigate the intricate layers that is B2B credit.

Cherie Salvadras, CBF, clerk, Acra III at Entergy, (New Orleans, LA), who just earned her Credit Business Fellow (CBF) designation, said the CBF was her next step in her credit education journey, or adventure, as she likes to call it. Not only is Salvadras proud of her accomplishment, but she's also rediscovered her passion for learning. "I've learned that you're never too old to learn new things," Salvadras said. "I'm happy to know that I still have the drive and the ambition to keep learning instead of staying stagnant in my daily routine, especially since credit is changing every day."

Though many people recognize accomplishments when they've completed their journey successfully, they may not see obstacles experienced along the way. "When I started the course for my CBF after earning my CBA, my life got in the way, as it does for everyone," she said. "There were some hurdles that I had to overcome but I just kept my head up and stayed determined to go through each step and finish what I needed to finish."

Salvadras understands that it's important to continue learning so that she can adapt to the ever-changing times and keep up with the younger generation coming into the workforce. "I'm just thankful for the opportunity to be able to do this and in the near future, I hope to continue to move forward to the next step."

💡Study tips from Salvadras: Make sure that you engage in proper time management. "Carve out a little bit of time each day to study a small portion because trying to obtain all the course information in a day or two before the test will not help you remember it," she said. "You need to give yourself the time to study to fully learn and understand the concepts."

For more information about each designation within NACM's Professional Certification Program, visit our website.

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