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Member Spotlight: Gain a Competitive Edge


B2B credit is fiercely competitive, particularly in sectors where credit is crucial for transactions. This is why credit professionals should continuously master their skills and broaden their knowledge in credit management. The Certified International Credit Professional (CICP) designation for example, earned through NACM's six-level Professional Certification Program, signifies knowledge and professional development in global credit management and risk analysis. Available to national and international credit professionals, earning the CICP will increase your marketability and further gain a competitive edge in global trade.

Andrejs Semjakins, CICP, global credit analyst at BioMarin International Ltd (Portmarnock, Ireland), earned his CICP for many reasons. "First, it was the next step in my professional development as I've been working in international credit for a number of years already," he said. "Second, I wanted to get a better understanding of different industries and approaches to credit management around the world. As credit managers, we aren't often exposed to all aspects of credit, especially when we're working with one or two companies in the same industry or the same types of clients. Third, the CICP helps me to be competitive because it showcases my potential and expertise to my employer, clients and competitors."

Earning his CICP filled in knowledge gaps in different areas of international credit. "I definitely feel like I became a better professional once I completed it," Semjakins said. "During the course, I was able to apply the knowledge and practical skills to my daily work. It gave me a better understanding of the whole credit function and how it interfaces with other company departments. In the end, it helped me dive deeper into the impact and value the credit department has within a company."

💡Study Tips: Refer to the student portal. "I found some helpful study tips such as what to do when exposed to a letter of credit (LC)," Semjakins said. "And if you don't understand something, don't hesitate to ask questions. I'm a firm believer that if you just put enough effort to complete it and don't give up, anyone can pass the course."

Make use of breaks. "Let's say you have a couple extra days off," he said. "There's your chance to catch up if you're falling behind or you can go through the most difficult modules again and redo the quizzes to refresh your memory."

For more information about each designation within NACM's Professional Certification Program, visit our website.

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