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Member Spotlight: CCRA Crafts Confidence

As many of you have seen throughout our Member Spotlight blog series, earning a designation through NACM's Professional Certification Program can advance your career in credit in various ways. Not only does it increase your knowledge and establish credibility, but it increases your confidence as a credit leader. For Suzanne Jorissen, CBA, CCRA, area credit supervisor at Wholesale Nutrien, Ltd. (Loveland, CO), it did the same for her when she earned her Certified Credit and Risk Analyst (CCRA) designation.

"I feel like I can bring more to my very experienced team," Jorissen said. "Originally, I felt this designation journey would give me additional understanding of the financials, or provide an added weight of confidence while I review and analyze financials. I also wanted to be sure I was addressing and accepting any credit risk in the right places and wanted to verify I was reviewing the material correctly."

The online course required a lot of work for a short period of time but for Jorissen, it was well worth it. "It was a great experience," she said. "It was nice to be in a class with people in other industries as well, as it generated great discussion. My biggest challenge was making sure we thoroughly got through the course material and my biggest success was the additional understanding of credit and confidence I gained as a new member to a group of very skilled, experienced credit managers at my company."

Aside from gaining more confidence and understanding of business credit, Jorissen gained new perspectives on credit management. "Overall, I highly recommend that credit managers take the time to earn the designation," she said. "The course focuses on what we need to understand and you get to meet some great people and expand your network." 

For more information about each designation within NACM's Professional Certification Program, visit our website. 

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Monday, 11 December 2023

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