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Protests Along U.S. and Canadian Border May Result in Multi-Million Dollar Loss

Protests along Ambassador Bridge, the busiest international crossing on the U.S. and Canadian border, could lead to shipping delays and more inflation, according to Morning in America. The fallout from these protests could land a major impact to the U.S. supply chain in particular.

Both governments have indicated the automotive industry and agricultural exports are being affected as a result, causing multimillion-dollar losses, Morning in America said. The protests involve truckers who are pushing back against vaccine mandates.

Since the early 1990s, U.S. imports and exports with Canada have increased by over 180%, per The Office of the United States Trade Representative. The U.S. automotive industry will likely face the biggest risk if the disruptions continue—considering roughly $100 million of daily imports that cross Ambassador Bridge into the U.S. are auto-related, Morning in America said.

Over two-thirds of the 650 billion Canadian dollars' worth of goods that are traded between the U.S and Canada annually are transported by road, according to Aljazeera. Additionally, business associations are warning that manufacturers in the region risk losing $50 million a day as a result of these delays, per The Guardian.

The blockades, which have been organized in the name of Canadian truckers who oppose mandatory mask mandates, could result in layoffs for the people the protests represent, said Flavio Volpe, head of Canada's Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association. This may lead to the shutdown of automotive parts manufacturers on both sides of the border.

Bryan Mason, editorial associate
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Monday, 11 December 2023

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