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Becoming a Master Negotiator

This week has been the busiest and most insightful so far for me at NACM. Not only am I working on the ninth module of FCIB's International Credit Risk & Management (ICRM) course, but I just completed my first Graduate School of Credit & Financial Management (GSCFM) course through NACM.

The two-day course covered Advanced Negotiations with instructor, Francis Eberle. In the course, I learned about multiple strategies on how to approach, handle and benefit from negotiation. I learned strategies I can apply to my daily life like slowing down, taking the time to listen to the other side and asking questions. These are skills that not only credit professionals can greatly benefit from, but also myself as a writer, a friend and a colleague.

I also learned about finding common ground despite differences in order to establish trust and commonality. During the class, I did group work and negotiation exercises with credit managers, which was a great learning experience. Not only were the students from different states, but they had varied experiences with credit management and negotiation. I felt as though I was learning with them and that in itself was very rewarding.

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Jamilex Gotay, editorial associate
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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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