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Bankruptcy Filings Show Declines Across All Chapters from October to November 2021

New bankruptcy filings across all chapters declined by 5.6% in November from the previous month, according to Epiq's November 2021 bankruptcy filing statistics from its AACER bankruptcy information services business.

The total for new commercial filings across all chapters also decreased by 10.3% from October to November. For 2021 through November, new bankruptcy fillings across all chapters fell 24.7% over the same period last year. In addition, from October to November 2021:

  • New Chapter 7 individual filings were down 6.6%.
  • New Chapter 13 individual filings dropped 2.9%. (Although this was the first month in the last six consecutive months they decreased, November only had 30 days plus a shortened holiday week, which impact month-over-month comparisons.)
  • New Chapter 11 commercial filings, including Subchapter 5 filings, declined 29.1%.

Bryan Mason, editorial associate 

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