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At the Home Stretch of ICRM

This is my last week of FCIB's International & Credit Risk Management (ICRM) course. Not only am I working on finishing the last chapter of the course (Compliance and Legal), but I'm also expected to complete the course evaluation before starting the final exam.

In preparation for the exam, I've attended the final review session, studied the previous modules and used the resources available such as the general discussion board and the knowledge center. I even interviewed one of my classmates for an eNews article this week. He gave me some tips on how to prepare for the exam and shared in the anticipation.

Balancing work and this course has been a challenge but the reward is immeasurable. I've learned new concepts and connected with trade creditors around the world. Although I'm not a credit professional, I will use the information as leverage in future Week in Review and eNews articles.

Wish me luck!

Jamilex Gotay, editorial associate
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Tuesday, 28 May 2024

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